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In Just One Week, We Killed A Third Of My Wife’s Student Loan

Crystal and I did something special with our tax return this year. As soon as it came in, we took about 75% of it and made a BIG payment on her undergrad student loan. “Makes me giddy” big. “Oh god

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How To Reevaluate Your Budget When Your Income Increases Suddenly

It’s good to be home. As I mentioned in my post about dealing with the financial side of long-term medical recovery, my side of the family has had some health issues that have kept me away from home for almost two

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Why You Need To Step Back From Your Finances And Look At The Big Picture

A few days ago, I talked about how frustrated I was with my job hunt. I was feeling really down and dealing with a lot of negative feelings. I even felt some of that old trapped feeling that I felt

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