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When Couponing Costs You Money (Even Though You Think You’re Saving)

In my many articles about couponing, I’ve talked at length about how couponing can save you money on groceries and household goods, but couponing can have a dark side too. In fact, if you aren’t careful, couponing can trick you into

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How To Feel Less Hopeless About Your Financial Future

Sometimes, despite all your hard work and all your struggles, everything just seems bleak. You feel like you’re not making any headway against your debt or your bills. You feel like you’ll never achieve the success you want in your

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In Just One Week, We Killed A Third Of My Wife’s Student Loan

Crystal and I did something special with our tax return this year. As soon as it came in, we took about 75% of it and made a BIG payment on her undergrad student loan. “Makes me giddy” big. “Oh god

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