5 No-Cost Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away. If you’re in a relationship this time of year, you’re probably looking for some special way to celebrate, but Valentine’s Day is one of those overly commercialized holidays that seems determined to make sure as much money leaves your wallet as possible. Even something as basic as a Valentine’s Day-themed card can run several dollars, and let’s not forget the candy, flowers, stuffed animals, dinner reservations, and all the other expensive trappings that tend to go hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day. The average person spends $130.97 on Valentine’s Day each year.

I don’t know about you, but my wife and I would rather pour that kind of money into our student loans and get out of debt a little bit faster. Of course, we don’t want to let Valentine’s Day pass by unmarked, so this year, we’re having a no-cost Valentine’s Day. We’ll cook something special for dinner, spend the evening together at home (we’re making the decision to avoid our computers that night), and exchange letters that we’ll write for each other a few days before.

Want your own no-cost Valentine’s Day? Here’s five ideas for you.

Movie Night

Grab some classic films from your local library, pop some microwave popcorn or grab a bowl of candy, snuggle into a comfy seat on the couch next to your special someone, and make a marathon of it. Maybe pick a theme — romantic comedies are an obvious choice, but don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to romance. If you both love roaring action movies, go for the guns-and-explosions flicks. Watch weird artsy foreign films just to laugh at how little you understand them, or purposely pick a few atrociously bad movies just to groan at how horrible they are.

Do A Scavenger Hunt

Crystal did this for me last Valentine’s Day — before she went to work that day, she left a note on my coffee pot for me to find first thing in the morning, with a clue leading to the next step. What followed was a 10- or 12-step scavenger hunt that lead me looking through pretty much every little nook and cranny of our small apartment. At the end was a small gift — a new coffee mug with some candy, but if you want to go truly no-cost, you could always make the treasure at the end something handmade or otherwise obtained for free.

Build A Snowman

This one’s a bit weather-dependent, but as cold as this winter has been, chances are there will be no shortage of snow around Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself with plenty of mid-February snow this year, bundle up and head outside to try to build the biggest snowman you can manage. Decorate it with things you have around the house, snap a few pictures for memory’s sake, then top the day off with a snowball fight and some hot chocolate to warm up.

Learn To Dance On YouTube

Did you know that YouTube has tons of tutorials from professional dance instructors? Shove the furniture against the wall, clear a space on the floor, grab your partner and have fun. Here’s a beginner’s salsa lesson:

YouTube has tons of other styles of dance tutorials, too! Try:

Write Each Other A Letter

This is one of the special things my wife and I will be doing this year. We’ll each write the other a letter and exchange them on Valentine’s Day. Writing a letter to your spouse or partner is a great way to say the important things you might not always be able to find the time or voice for in everyday life. It gives you both something you can read over again whenever tough times rear their head again.

Not sure what to write? Take a then, now, later approach: write about your history together, write about where you are in your relationship now, and write about what you see in the future for the two of you.

Have you ever had a no-cost Valentine’s Day? What did you do?

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