5 More Money-Smart Gift Ideas For Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just a few days away. Crystal and I have already finished our Christmas shopping for the year, but maybe you’re still scrambling to get it done. You need some ideas, and you need them quick! Don’t worry. We’ve got some practical and helpful gift ideas for you.

Earlier this year, we shared some great gift ideas for friends and family who are burdened with financial struggles.

Here are five more gift ideas to help your loved ones save money, get their finances under control, and get out of debt.

A Couponing Guide

Some people are intimidated by coupons. They want to save money, but they never seem to be able to put together the good deals, or they’re overwhelmed by all the fine print and confusing variety of coupons. If you know anyone like this, a solid couponing guide can be just what they need to get started. Here are three highly-rated choices, each for under $15!

A Pharmacy Gift Card

Medications are expensive, even if you have insurance, and it seems like everyone takes a pill for one ailment or another these days. Give your loved ones a reprieve from those expensive medicines with the gift of a pharmacy gift card. (Of course, these cards don’t have to be used on medicines, so maybe include a little note telling your loved one that you know they’ve been struggling to afford their medication.) For convenience sake, make sure you find out what pharmacy or store the recipient uses regularly — it doesn’t help them if you get them a Walgreens gift card when all of their prescriptions are at CVS.

A College Textbook

Textbooks are expensive! Crystal’s next semester of grad school is going to run us close to $390 just for her textbooks alone. If you know any college students, they’re probably gearing up to start their next semester just after the new year. Find out what books they need for their next semester and offer to pay for one of them.

It’s probably best to let them handle ordering the book (or buying it from the bookstore), but if they want you to order it yourself, make sure you know exactly what edition they need. Textbooks are a convoluted mess these days, with many books requiring additional peripheral materials (some of them electronic) or custom editions.

A Protective Case For Their Phone/Tablet/Other Device

Everyone has some sort of portable electronic these days, whether it be an Android tablet, an iPad, a smart phone, MP3 player, or eReader. These devices are expensive, but also fragile. A high quality protector can mean the difference between a broken screen and a harmless bump. Help your loved ones protect their devices (and thus preserve the lifespans of those devices) with a protective case.
Crystal loves Otterbox brand products for her devices.

A Water Filter

Crystal and I haven’t bought bottled water in ages, but neither of us particular care for unfiltered tap water. We have a small Brita pitcher that we keep in the fridge, and we have a handful of BPA-free reusable bottles. The filters last for months, and with coupons I can usually find them for a dollar per filter or so. If you know someone who buys bottled water by the case, consider giving them a good water filter this Christmas. Here are a few options:

There you go! Five great gift ideas. Now hop to it! Christmas is just a few days away and you don’t have much time left to finish your Christmas shopping!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?

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